5 Fun Ideas for Your Next Awards Ceremony

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5 Fun Ideas for Your Next Awards Ceremony

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Awards ceremonies are important and often prestigious events that are held annually in many organisations. They provide an excellent opportunity to reward team members and boost morale, however, if planning is neglected, they can quickly become tedious and uninteresting. This can easily be avoided by planning ahead and following some of the tips below.

A Good MC
An engaging Master of Ceremonies can make all the difference in ensuring an awards ceremony is rewarding and worthwhile for all attendees. Their tone and personality will shine through and set the atmosphere for the event so be sure to choose someone who well represents the company culture, voice and ethos.

Event Video
Event photography and videography is becoming increasingly popular, with many event organisers opting to document the occasion. Visual images are an excellent form of capturing the atmosphere and details of the event. They are highly engaging and could be shared online or used as promotional tools.

Fun Custom Medals and Awards
Custom medals and awards are a fun way to keep attendees engaged and interested in the ceremony. They add a unique touch to the event and set it apart from other similar occasions. Personalised medals and awards also leave recipients and attendees with something to talk about following the event.

Keep Speeches Short and Sweet
Speeches should be kept short and sweet to suit the attention span of attendees. Very few people enjoy listening to others ramble on and on – they are much more likely to enjoy the ceremony and find it rewarding if the speeches are intermittent, timely and engaging.

Themed Ceremony
People love to dress up and attend events so having a theme for your next awards ceremony is a no-brainer. It gets attendees excited to participate in the event and also provides people with great conversation starting points. When chosen well, themes can also enhance the ambience and atmosphere of the event.

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