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Corporate Awards Sydney l Platinum Awards Brookvale

Recognition and Corporate Awards Sydney

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Corporate Awards Sydney

Recognition and Corporate Awards Sydney

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Corporate awards and recognition awards are a great way of rewarding outstanding performance, or someone who has shown consistent effort and diligence. Recognition awards are also very popular with schools and sports clubs. Awarding a conscientious individual or high achiever encourages everyone to work their best. Star employees deserve the best corporate awards Sydney has seen!

Corporate and recognition awards come in many different forms. Glass, crystal and acrylic are the three most popular types of corporate awards. If the cost of a custom award is out of your price range, there are some excellent cost effective options.

Glass Awards

Glass awards are simple and cost effective. With a little bit of imaginative laser engraving or glass etching, they can look very effective. This is ideal for high volumes of awards.

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Crystal Awards

Crystal awards are a more expensive option, but look truly stunning. They have a more weighty structure than the less expensive glass alternative. When engraved with high-resolution artwork, they a premium solution answer to corporate awards.

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Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards are a contemporary answer to recognition awards. They offer a modern look, and due to the nature of plastic, they engrave very precisely when laser engraved. The other advantage of acrylic is that is does not break when it is dropped. Feel free to give this award to the office butter fingers.

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Plaques are versatile and come in various materials. Popular and cost-effective materials are wood, acrylic, glass and stainless steel. The beauty of a plaque is that you can hang it on the wall; the perfect humble brag.

Personalised giftware

For practical corporate awards, engraved giftware is an excellent option. Clocks, pens, photo frames, champagne glasses, pewter mugs, iPad covers and wallets can all be engraved. The advantage of these items is they actually have a use for the recipient, rather than just sitting on the desk or hanging from the wall.

Corporate giftware sydney

We think the most important thing about giving out a corporate award is the sentiment. Your employees will feel appreciated, and will certainly boost your business’ morale.

For corporate awards Sydney and Northern Beaches areas, contact us. We will happily provide advice and quotations.

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Platinum Awards supplied and engraved my sons football teams trophies. They provide an excellent stress free service… Highly recommended
Ric BurrowsDadEpping, Sydney