7 Ways to Ensure Your Awards Ceremony Runs Smoothly

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7 Ways to Ensure Your Awards Ceremony Runs Smoothly

The day of the awards ceremony can be understandably stressful for the organisers. With months of planning and preparation in the lead up to the big day, here are some things you can do to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Leave Plenty of Travel Time

It may sound quite self-explanatory, however you would be be surprised at the amount of people who don’t leave enough time and end up feeling very stressed and flustered. It is always a good idea to arrive a few hours before the start of the event. This will allow you to get a feel for the venue, do any last minute touch ups and be well rested and prepared. It will also provide padding in case of an unforeseen accident or disruption out of your control.

Have an Emergency Plan

Do you have an emergency plan for your event? What if you are held up in a traffic accident and are late? What if you are too sick to leave your bed? Make sure you have a plan just in case things don’t go according to plan. Yes, you probably (hopefully) won’t need to use it, however it is relieving to have a backup plan just in case.

Know the Running Order

As the event organiser, you should know the running order of your awards ceremony back to front, inside out. This will be extremely helpful on the day as you will be able to know what is happening when, without having to refer to a runsheet. It will provide you with a greater peace of mind as you will feel more in control of what is happening.

Have a Full Rehearsal

This is not always possible in every situation, however it is an excellent idea to have a full runthrough of the event with speakers and award recipients to ensure everything runs according to plan on the real day. Having a rehearsal will allow you to accurately gauge the time required, as well as ensure all the transitions are smooth and hassle free.

Delegate Roles

Another way to ensure your awards ceremony runs smoothly is to delegate roles and tasks to different people. This will hold different people accountable for different tasks, ensuring that things aren’t all reliant on one person to do their job properly. This is especially important in case something goes wrong, as if the roles are split, there will only be minor, easy to fix disturbances to the event.

Sufficient Heating / Cooling

Often overlooked, heating, cooling and ventilation of the event venue is an important factor to ensure the ceremony runs smoothly. Especially relevant in extreme climates, this ensures that attendees are comfortable throughout the duration of the event. Keep in mind the space will heat up rather quickly if there are a large number of attendees. Also take the dress code into consideration – nobody wants to be sitting in 30 degree heat in a full suit when there isn’t enough ventilation or air conditioning.

Keep Your Awards Organised

Keeping your awards organised and ready to be presented may seem like the obvious thing to do, however it can be overlooked in the midst of all the organised chaos that is a large scale event. Custom medals, trophies and/or plaques can be neatly organised in the running order of the event. This will ensure that each recipient receives the correct award, minimizing the need for them to stay back afterwards and try to find the correct award. This is especially important for custom medals as they are personalised and non-interchangeable.

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