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Sydney Laser Engravers. Trophy engraving. Gift engraving specialists.

Laser Engraving



Laser engraving is a quick and efficient way of engraving products. The speed of the process and the digital capabilities make it a far quicker and therefore more cost effective than any other type of engraving. The boundaries are endless. If it can fit in the engraver then it has potential to be engraved. Concrete candles, wooden coat hangers, archaeology tools, wooden pen knives, marble chesseboards and kitchen tiles are just a few products that we have laser engraved recently. Type laser engraving into google and witness the possibilities.

For quotes contact us direct on (02) 8065 9846 or complete our online enquiry form.

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What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving and marking is basically using a CO2 laser to engrave or mark a given object. Laser Marking changes the colour of the object via chemical reaction. This is a common way of engraving stainless steel and pewter products. It is very effective and clear to read because of the contrast on the metal.  If you were using an old school style of machine engraver you would need to paint fill to get a similar effect.

Laser engraving is a more efficient way to engrave as the process is non contact and there is no wear and tear on the engraver.  We use specified laser materials to engrave into for the most effective results.

The laser beam is emitted from a movable carriage controlled by computer software. Each material has a set power and speed that if calibrated correctly will engrave or mark precisely. The laser is so precise it can engrave high resolution photographs onto suitable materials. The laser engraver has an x-y table to allow the laser beam to move accurately. The laser beam is focused through a lens at the point of engraving allowing intricate patterns to be engraved.

Our laser engravers use vector and raster settings. The vector follows a precise continuous line where the raster moves back and forth. The vector is often used for cutting and the raster for engraving, similar to how a inkjet printer would use a back and forth motion.

The benefits of laser engraving 

Most materials can be laser engraved and the results are spectacular. 

Timber and wood engraving : We are expert timber engravers and, using our high tech laser engraving equipment, can product extraordinary, accurate results every time.   Harder woods produce more consistent results as they are more resilient. Soft woods are a bit more problematic and numerous test runs are required. The results are unpredictable because of the density and the resin content. It is common practice to test run the back of the wooden object to monitor how it reacts to different laser settings.

Plastic and acrylic engraving : Plastic and acrylic products laser engrave very well. The laser engraving of acrylic awards is preferable to most people over glass and crystal because the soft nature of plastic gives a very precise result. Laser engraving allows for producing very clean cutting edges and fine details. Standard cast acrylic plastic, acrylic plastic sheet, and other cast resins generally laser very well. There are numerous plastic materials made specifically for laser engraving. There are certain materials that are unsafe to laser engrave even with correct extraction. Polycarbonate is one of these materials.

Metal and stainless steel engraving : Metal needs to be laser marked which involves spraying a chemical on the metal and the chemical reaction creates the marking. Pre coated metal and anodised aluminum engrave very well .

Crystal and glass engraving :  Laser engraving on both crystal and glass produce excellent and give a high glass look, this is a very popular style for corporate and recognition awards.

Laser Engraving Testing

If you’re concerned about whether your trophy, award, giftware or any other product is suitable for laser engraving, we suggest you visit our Northern Beaches trophy showroom at Brookvale and we can run some tests for you.

For quotes contact us direct on (02) 8065 9846 or complete our online enquiry form.