How To Make Your Medals Stand Out From The Rest

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How To Make Your Medals Stand Out From The Rest

Make your awards ceremony memorable with medals that stand out from the crowd. Many different companies and organisations have annual awards ceremonies to celebrate the achievement of members, however the awards that are presented are often stock standard, with many lacking a unique factor to differentiate one from the next. Here are some ways to give your medals and subsequently, your awards ceremony that extra touch.

Personalised Medals
Custom medals and awards can have a significant impact on the uniqueness of your awards ceremony. These personalised touches can range from medals with custom names and titles, to engraved plaques with awardee names and company logos. Award recipients are more likely to be excited by medals, plaques or trophies engraved with their name as it instantly creates a more personal connection between the awardee and the medal. Award winners are also more likely to hold a personalised medal in higher regard to a run of the mill, mass produced trophy.

The shape of your awards can greatly affect how memorable they are. Unique and interesting shapes create added visual interest for both recipients and attendees. They can be striking, providing a starting point for conversation. People will remember the awards as physically different to any others they have previously seen.

Size & Scale
Following on from the shape aspect of the awards, the size and scale of the physical medals can also affect how the awards are distinguished from standard prizes. Large trophies can also represent the prestige or significance of an award, providing recipients with eye-catching memorabilia.

The materials used to make your awards can also impact how they stand out from the crowd. The use of creative and innovative materials can result in a visually striking trophy that is memorable for both event attendees and the recipient.

Custom Medals by Platinum Awards
Do you have a special event approaching? Platinum Awards provide a large range of custom medals Sydney. We have a large variety of designs to choose from including custom trophy designs. Please feel free to view our catalogue, contact us, or visit our showroom in Brookvale (located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches).

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