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Northern Beaches Laser Cutting

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Northern Beaches Laser Cutting

Northern Beaches Laser Cutting specialists Platinum Awards, provides a dynamic and wide range of laser cutting services. Wood is by far the most popular of the materials that we perform laser cutting upon. North Sydney’s major business district provides a variety of opportunities to utilise Platinum Award’s engraving services.

Laser Engraving adds a rustic, yet refined touch to your personalised awards, trophies or commemorative memorabilia. By using a high-powered laser emitting device we here at Platinum Awards are able to engrave personalised logos, mottos, taglines or information into your given materials. Engraving is an excellently stylish way to add a unique touch to your business.

North Sydney Laser Cutting at Platinum Awards is both quick and cost effective. With years of engraving and laser cutting experience, Platinum Awards are well equipped to handle whatever project you throw our way.

Wooden Awards are particularly in style at the moment. With a wooden award, you can opt for either a more refined or rustic look. By using a varnish you add a more classically polished look to your award. By not using a varnish or coating, the wood retains its original texture and aesthetic. With wooden awards, it is the contrast of the laser engraving against the natural wooden texture that sets them definitively apart from other memorabilia.

Wedding giftware too has recently taken on the personalised touch of laser engraving. Make your wedding giftware stand out with a personalised message laser cut into the wood to provide a unique and considerate touch. We can even include some cool clip art or artwork into the engraving to further add a stylish aesthetic to the engraving.

If you wish to remain true to the classics, we, of course, offer as well metal engravings and glass. This award types remain true to the more classic aesthetic though can be customised to fit your tailored situation with laser cut engraving.

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Platinum Awards supplied and engraved my sons football teams trophies. They provide an excellent stress free service… Highly recommended
Ric BurrowsDadEpping, Sydney