Why Olympic Medalists Bite Their Medals

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olympians biting medal

Why Olympic Medalists Bite Their Medals

Have you ever wondered why Olympic medalists always seem to be biting their medals? It is a rather bizarre trend that has cropped up again over recent times. In previous eras, athletes may have been biting their gold medals to test if they were made from real gold. However, it is common knowledge that contemporary Olympic gold medals are primarily made of other metals. They would be simply too expensive to produce otherwise.

So, what is the real reason Olympic medalists bite their medals?

In reality, it’s all very simple. The trend of athletes biting their medals is fuelled by the desires of photographers. Photographers often ask medalists to bite their medals as the iconic pose creates a shot that is more interesting than a plain jane smile.

Many athletes and audience members have grown tired of the cheesy pose. However, with a lack of other props in the immediate vicinity, this trend will probably be sticking around for years to come. If you’re wondering if anyone has ever chipped a tooth doing this, the answer is yes. In 2010, David Moeller chipped his tooth on a silver medal.

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