Sports Trophies

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Sports Trophies

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Sport trophies are a great way of rewarding a successful team or individual who has performed brilliantly. This could be throughout the year, in a particular match, or someone who puts in 100% every week. Whether you’re a pro or in the under 5s tournament, they are a fantastic sentiment. Sport trophies and awards are proof that hard work will pay off. Many athletes work extremely hard through their entire life to earn first place. With dedication and hard work, the lucky few win prestigious prizes. Below are five of the most renowned sport trophies in the world.

The British Open

The oldest of the four golf majors, and just scrapes in ahead of the US masters. The claret jug was recently voted the most sought after piece of silverware in the golfing world.

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Olympic Gold Medals

It has to be one of  the most impressive mantelpiece decorations, definitely something to show the grandkids. A little known fact is that each Olympic gold medal must contain 6 grams of genuine gold. All Olympic medals must be at least 60mm in diameter and 3mm thick.

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Easily the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world is the Wimbledon. It has been played since 1877. The gentlemen receive a silver gilt cup 47cm high, and ladies receive a sterling silver salver known as ‘The Venus Rosewater Dish’.

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The Ashes

One of the smallest sports trophies in world sport. A Cricket series played since 1883, no other sporting event is steeped so deeply in history. The Australians like nothing more than rubbing the nose of the colonial power England in it when they beat them. The ashes are played twice every 4 years and the rivalry is as competitive as it was 1882.

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Football World Cup

Possibly the most prestigious trophy in the world. Most young football players will have dreamt about lifting the FIFA World Cup above their heads. The ‘world game’ is counted as the national sport in just about every European, South American and Asian nation of the world. (The US, India and Australia are yet to be as immersed in the hype.) 715 million people watched the 2006 World Cup final in Germany.

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