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summer season sports kayaking

Celebrate the End of Summer Season Sports

Summer season sports are extremely popular with many Australians. With so many sports to choose from and so much free time (in the case of children and school holidays), it’s no wonder so many people join a team in the hopes of having a good time and getting fit while they’re at it. Most of us are blessed with fantastic weather throughout the summer season – warm, sunny days perfect for swimming, surfing, kayaking, the list goes on. If water sports aren’t really your thing, there are plenty of other summer season sports on land. These include touch football, cricket and baseball.

Regardless of your sporting preferences, the end of summer season sports is drawing near for us all. If you’re part of a sporting team or larger organisation, this can often be a time of celebration. Who doesn’t love celebrating a victorious win with all their teammates? Even if you’re in it for the fun, the end of a sporting season is a great excuse to get out and enjoy yourself. Whether this be with an informal games day, fancy dinner or night out with the team, it is also a great opportunity to commend individuals on their efforts throughout the season. A great way to acknowledge improvement or excellence in sports is through awards. Medals or trophies, big or small, the options are endless. Awards also work wonderfully as memorabilia for the team, marking the fun times spent together over the summer.

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The Ultimate Awards Ceremony Checklist

Are you in the midst of planning an awards event? Here is the ultimate awards ceremony checklist to ensure you’re on the track for a smooth, successful evening.  


One of the most important things to consider when planning an awards ceremony is, of course, the awards. It is a good idea to have these planned early on to ensure they are made with plenty of time to spare.


The budget will have a significant impact on almost every aspect of your event planning process. It will determine the venues you will be able to access and also the food, design and entertainment that follows suite.

Dress Code

Have you decided on a dress code for your awards ceremony? It is crucial to make this clear on the invitations in order to reduce confusion amongst attendees.

Floor Plan

How will you organise the seating arrangement? Will award recipients be seated in close proximity to the stage? Does the stage have easy access from the general seating area? These are all questions to consider when completing the floor plan to ensure the event runs quickly and smoothly. Nobody wants to step over ten other people just to get out of their row of seats and onto the stage!

Guest Speakers & Entertainment

Will you have guest speakers or other entertainment items at your awards ceremony? When will they slot into the program?


A good host forms the backbone of your awards ceremony while it is running. They will help to dictate the mood of the event through their tone and gestures, bringing the attendees together as a whole.


Lighting can make a huge difference to the ambience of a venue.


Will there be media attendees at your event? If so, who will be on the press list?

Post Event

Keep a close eye on social media to gauge people’s reactions to the event. What did they enjoy? What would they change for next time? This is a great way to capitalise on honest feedback.


It’s important to have the final program ready in advance so any bumps can be cleared out. Be sure to allow adequate time for food and transitions.


How will you promote your event? Will you make use of both online and offline strategies?


Practise! Practise! Practise! A well-rehearsed event will run much more smoothly than an event that has never been rehearsed.


Will you need to supply your own furniture? Source your own catering? Make sure you have the answers to these questions early on.


One of the first things you should decide on once you have a budget is the venue of your event.

Custom Medals by Platinum Awards

Do you have a special event approaching? Platinum Awards provide a large range of custom medals Sydney. We have a large variety of designs to choose from including custom trophy designs. Please feel free to view our catalogue, contact us, or visit our showroom in Brookvale (located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches).

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How to Choose a Theme for Your Awards Ceremony

Why You Should Have a Themed Ceremony

Having a theme for your awards ceremony is a fantastic way to ensure it is a memorable experience for all attendees. It is also a great way to gain direction for the planning aspect of the ceremony. Once a theme is chosen, it is far easier to design the space, invitations, food and awards.

Consider the Environment

The first thing to do when choosing a theme for your awards ceremony is to consider the environment. Factors such as the age range and interests of the attendees is important to take into consideration. Be sure to choose a theme that is relevant to the audience. This will ensure that attendees get excited about the ceremony and are motivated to come.

Themed Awards

Once you have chosen a theme for your event, it is a great idea to design custom awards that are relevant to the theme. There are plenty of different colours, shapes, sizes and designs to choose from. Themed trophies, plaques or medals are also extremely memorable for recipients.

Themed Dress

Many people will take any excuse to dress up, so a themed dress code is a perfect choice to complement your ceremony.

Themed Entertainment

If you’re thinking of having entertainment items as part of your awards ceremony, it is a good idea to tailor them to your organisation or theme. For example, at a music awards ceremony, it would be appropriate to have a musical item and a music related theme.

Themed Food & Refreshments

There are a plethora of unique food and drink arrangements that can be customised to suit any theme. This adds an excellent touch to the event, giving attendees something to remember.

Themed Music

Themed background music is a great way to tie your whole event together. When chosen carefully, it can provide wonderful ambience for the event.

Custom Medals by Platinum Awards

Do you have a special event approaching? Platinum Awards provide a large range of custom medals Sydney. We have a large variety of designs to choose from including custom trophy designs. Please feel free to view our catalogue, contact us, or visit our showroom in Brookvale (located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches).

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7 Ways to Ensure Your Awards Ceremony Runs Smoothly

The day of the awards ceremony can be understandably stressful for the organisers. With months of planning and preparation in the lead up to the big day, here are some things you can do to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Leave Plenty of Travel Time

It may sound quite self-explanatory, however you would be be surprised at the amount of people who don’t leave enough time and end up feeling very stressed and flustered. It is always a good idea to arrive a few hours before the start of the event. This will allow you to get a feel for the venue, do any last minute touch ups and be well rested and prepared. It will also provide padding in case of an unforeseen accident or disruption out of your control.

Have an Emergency Plan

Do you have an emergency plan for your event? What if you are held up in a traffic accident and are late? What if you are too sick to leave your bed? Make sure you have a plan just in case things don’t go according to plan. Yes, you probably (hopefully) won’t need to use it, however it is relieving to have a backup plan just in case.

Know the Running Order

As the event organiser, you should know the running order of your awards ceremony back to front, inside out. This will be extremely helpful on the day as you will be able to know what is happening when, without having to refer to a runsheet. It will provide you with a greater peace of mind as you will feel more in control of what is happening.

Have a Full Rehearsal

This is not always possible in every situation, however it is an excellent idea to have a full runthrough of the event with speakers and award recipients to ensure everything runs according to plan on the real day. Having a rehearsal will allow you to accurately gauge the time required, as well as ensure all the transitions are smooth and hassle free.

Delegate Roles

Another way to ensure your awards ceremony runs smoothly is to delegate roles and tasks to different people. This will hold different people accountable for different tasks, ensuring that things aren’t all reliant on one person to do their job properly. This is especially important in case something goes wrong, as if the roles are split, there will only be minor, easy to fix disturbances to the event.

Sufficient Heating / Cooling

Often overlooked, heating, cooling and ventilation of the event venue is an important factor to ensure the ceremony runs smoothly. Especially relevant in extreme climates, this ensures that attendees are comfortable throughout the duration of the event. Keep in mind the space will heat up rather quickly if there are a large number of attendees. Also take the dress code into consideration – nobody wants to be sitting in 30 degree heat in a full suit when there isn’t enough ventilation or air conditioning.

Keep Your Awards Organised

Keeping your awards organised and ready to be presented may seem like the obvious thing to do, however it can be overlooked in the midst of all the organised chaos that is a large scale event. Custom medals, trophies and/or plaques can be neatly organised in the running order of the event. This will ensure that each recipient receives the correct award, minimizing the need for them to stay back afterwards and try to find the correct award. This is especially important for custom medals as they are personalised and non-interchangeable.

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kids trophies

A Guide to Choosing the Right Awards for Kids by Age

Choosing the right awards for children’s ceremonies can be difficult as children of different ages respond differently to a range of factors depending on individual circumstances, maturity and age. Below is a simple guide to help you choose the right awards that are relevant to each age category.  

0 – 3 years

For this age category, simple is best when it comes to awards. Young children of under 3 years are unlikely to distinguish between different types of awards and their meanings. The safety of the awards should also be considered, as some shapes and materials could potentially be a hazard to young children.

4 – 7 years

Children between the ages of 4 and 7 are often presented with awards for participating in various activities and/or sports. These are often non-exclusive and are presented to each child. This ensures that no child is left out, encouraging everyone to continue participating and rewarding their efforts for doing so. Awards for achievement such as ‘Best and Fairest’ are also beginning to be presented to children in this category.

8 – 11 years

In this age group, the awards presented begin to take on a greater range. Children are often presented with various awards for effort, achievement and improvement. This allows different kids to be rewarded according to their personal strengths. The children can also feel more motivated, using the awards as a goal to work towards throughout the year or sporting season.

12 -15 years

Similarly to the 8 – 11 years age category, children between the ages of 12 – 15 often have the chance to be considered for a range of different awards. In addition to the existing list of awards for effort, achievement and improvement, children of this age range may also be beginning to coach or mentor younger players. They are often rewarded for their efforts in supporting the junior teams.

16 – 18 years

Once children reach the age of 16, it may also be appropriate to present selected individuals with awards for long term commitment or service to the sporting club. These awards recognise the child’s loyalty and commitment over the years.

Sports Trophies Sydney by Platinum Awards

Have you got a sports event coming up? Platinum Awards provide custom trophies for businesses, sports teams, individuals – and more! We have a large variety of designs to choose from including custom trophy designs. Please feel free to view our catalogue, contact us, or visit our showroom in Brookvale (located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches).

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The Best of the Emmy Awards 2016

What are the Emmy Awards?
The Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony is held yearly to honour the year’s talent in television. The 2016 event was hosted by funnyman Jimmy Kimmel, held on September 18 at the Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

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Sydney Craft Beer Week 2016

October 21st – 30th, 2016 marks Sydney’s largest celebration of craft beer, the Sydney Craft Beer Week. Embrace Sydney’s love of beer with over 100 events across venues around Sydney!

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The Nobel Peace Prize 2016

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What is the Nobel Peace Prize?

It is one of the five Nobel Prizes awarded for outstanding contributions in chemistry, physics, literature, peace, and physiology or medicine. Founded by Alfred Nobel, an engineer, and inventor. He was involved in the peace movement and in his 1895 Will, he left a share of his fortune to the Nobel prizes, a tradition which continues today. Every year, qualified people are invited by the Norwegian Nobel Committee to submit their nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. The prize is awarded to those who have “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses”.

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Corporate Awards

Corporate Awards for your Business!

Corporate Awards provide a tangible marker of success to your business place. Providing motivation for employees can be a daunting task and incentivise them with an award to work towards, can be a great angle to bolster any plan. Platinum Awards offers a range of corporate and commercial custom awards right here in the Northern Beaches. With custom engraving options available for all awards, Platinum Awards offers a large range of individualised awards.

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Australian of the Year Awards 2016

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The 2016 Australian of the Year Awards has just been presented. The prestigious awards across four major categories are annually presented on Australia Day Eve. They recognise the outstanding work which individuals have achieved. Every nominee is regarded to have contributed to our nation in a great way. Anyone over 16 years can be nominated (if they meet the selection criteria). The selection process is exhaustive and aims to acknowledge nominees from every walk of life. State and territory panels narrow down their respective nominees, who then progress to the national selection panel. Each state will put forth their finalists for each category. A winner for each category is chosen from all finalists.

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