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Laser Cutting Northern Beaches & Sydney

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What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting, also known as laser engraving, technology uses a powerful laser to cut materials. It is controlled by files that are made using various Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Laser cutting is an efficient way to cut through a range of materials, including but not limited to fabric, wood and metal. When the technology was newly developed, it was limited to industrial applications due to its cost. However, laser cutting is now becoming more accessible to the everyday person.


Laser cutting is a much faster alternative to cutting by hand. The machine does not require constant monitoring, instead, it can be left to complete the task while you get something else done. This is highly useful in both commercial and domestic scenarios as it reduces the amount of manual labour required.

Minimal Waste

Did you know that you can easily minimise wastage by using a laser cutter? A classic example of this is when you’re cutting out fabric patterns. By using a laser cutter, the computer is able to automatically determine the arrangement of pattern pieces that will result in the least wastage. Not only does this minimise costs and materials required, however, it is saving valuable resources.

No Warping

Laser cutting will not warp your base material. In contrast, many other cutting and engraving techniques will distort your original object. By choosing to use a laser cutter, you are minimising the risk of damaging your object or material.

Precision Perfect

Laser cutting is a great way to cut out a precise design as it is highly accurate. Even intricate designs can be brought to life with this technology.


A laser cutter is highly versatile as it works on a wide range of materials. As well as this, it can be adapted for various different uses. Some of these include use for engraving plaques, cutting out fabric patterns, personalising jewellery etc.

View examples of our laser cutting and engraving projects:

Laser Cutting & Engraving Sydney Northern Beaches

Platinum Awards – Your Northern Beaches Laser Cutting Specialists

Platinum Awards Northern Beaches provides a one stop shop for sporting trophies and corporate awards for every occasion.  We specialise in one-off custom trophies and projects for large sports clubs and associations.

We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, reliability and making sure the process is as smooth as possible for all our customers. We specialise in laser engraving on a wide range of products including glass and crysal engravingplasticstainless steel and standard trophy and perpetual engraving.

We provide free artwork set up and engraving proofs to all Northern Beaches customers prior to engraving to ensure the process is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Quick turnarounds is not a problem. Contact us for no obligation quote or even some advice and guidance. We have plenty of experience and can navigate you through the best options to fit your budget, timeline and expectations. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our customer communication.

Visit us at our warehouse and workshop located at Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Call (02) 8065 9846  Get a Quote »

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Northern Beaches Laser Cutting

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Northern Beaches Laser Cutting

Northern Beaches Laser Cutting specialists Platinum Awards, provides a dynamic and wide range of laser cutting services. Wood is by far the most popular of the materials that we perform laser cutting upon. North Sydney’s major business district provides a variety of opportunities to utilise Platinum Award’s engraving services.

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Platinum Awards supplied and engraved my sons football teams trophies. They provide an excellent stress free service… Highly recommended
Ric BurrowsDadEpping, Sydney