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Pro’s and Con’s of Participation Trophies for Kids Sports

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The hot topic between making our kids soft and building their self-esteem via participation awards.

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It’s a hot topic. Participation Trophies. Awards are given for showing up. No particular achievement. But in a time where technology takes over and keeps our kids glued to their screens…is it not the solution to the problem? Or are we creating a generation of slackers?

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Gruelling Games

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Most Physically Demanding Events

After going through the top 5 most prestigious sports trophies lets explore the most physically demanding sporting events and competitions. These events do not just require natural talent, they require that little bit extra that not many people possess. In some situations, athletes are literally putting their lives on the line to win these gruelling events. These events are not undertaken for the sports trophies or the glory. These sports are a test of human physical endurance.

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Trophies Northern Beaches

Sports & Trophies on the Northern Beaches

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Sports on the Northern Beaches

The Northern Beaches has a huge array of alternative sports and we can provide sporting trophies for all the options. If you are bored by the usual Football, AFL, Netball, Rugby and Cricket options, you are not short of choices.

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Trophies Over the Years

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The word trophy or trophies is believed to have been in the English language since the mid 1500’s it comes from the French word ‘trophee’ which means ‘prize of war’. Prior to this the Greeks also used the word ‘tropaion’ which comes from the verb ‘trope’ meaning ‘to rout’ this then morphed into the English term ‘trophy’.

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Platinum Awards supplied and engraved my sons football teams trophies. They provide an excellent stress free service… Highly recommended
Ric BurrowsDadEpping, Sydney