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Sydney trophy engraving services. Professional laser engraving.

Trophy Engraving


Our most common type of engraving is lasering onto laminate or laser ply products. These products are available in hundreds of different colours and finishes. Brushed silver and brushed gold are the most popular finishes and engrave to reveal a black script which gives fantastic contrast. This style is widely preferred to the traditional CNC stlye of engraving because it is very clear to read and the plaques are more durable. The set up and design is prepared in Corel software which allows us to send engraving proofs through to our customers before engraving. Platinum Awards company policy is that all engraving has to be signed off by the customer prior to engraving which makes errors pretty much non existent.

Trophy Laser Engraving

Laser engraving and marking is basically using a CO2 laser to engrave or mark a given object. Laser Marking changes the colour of the object via chemical reaction. This is a common way of crystal and glass products including giftware, platters, bottles and goblets. It is very effective and clear to read because of the contrast on the metal.  If you were using an old school style of machine engraver you would need to paint fill to get a similar effect.

Laser engraving is a more efficient way to engrave as the process is non contact and there is no wear and tear on the engraver.  We use specified laser materials to engrave into for the most effective results.

The laser beam is emitted from a movable carriage controlled by computer software. Each material has a set power and speed that if calibrated correctly will engrave or mark precisely. The laser is so precise it can engrave high resolution photographs onto suitable materials. The laser engraver has an x-y table to allow the laser beam to move accurately. The laser beam is focused through a lens at the point of engraving allowing intricate patterns to be engraved.

Our laser engravers use vector and raster settings. The vector follows a precise continuous line where the raster moves back and forth. The vector is often used for cutting and the raster for engraving, similar to how a inkjet printer would use a back and forth motion.

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For exceptional results we offer trophy engraving testing

If you’re concerned about whether your trophy, award, giftware or any other product is suitable for laser engraving, we suggest you visit our Northern Beaches trophy showroom at Brookvale and we can run some tests for you.

For quotes contact us direct on (02) 8065 9846 or complete our online enquiry form.

For professional trophy engraving assistance, contact our professional engravers

All your engraving requirements in one convenient location.

Our professional engravers can take care of all your engraving requirements. Our state of the art laser engraving equipment guarantees precise results every time on a large range of materials including trophies, crystal and glass, timber and wood, plastic and acrylic, and stainless steel engraving.

We are also your one stop shop for sporting trophies and corporate awards for every occasion.  We specialise in one-off custom trophies and projects for large sports clubs and associations.

We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, reliability and making sure the process is as smooth as possible for all our customers.  We provide free artwork set up and engraving proofs to all customers prior to engraving to ensure the process is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Quick turnarounds is not a problem.  Contact us for no obligation quote or even some advice and guidance. We have plenty of experience and can navigate you through the best options to fit your budget, timeline and expectations. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our customer communication.

For quotes contact us direct on (02) 8065 9846 or complete our online enquiry form.